The Way of the Heart: The Promotora Institute

About Us

The Way of the Heart: The Promotora Institute (WHPI) is an Arizona non-profit corporation. Established in June 1999, WHPI provides free services to a largely rural community on the Arizona/Mexico border. Utilizing the community health worker (promotora) model, WHPI offers outreach, education, training, referral and advocacy to low-income women and their families on various topics.

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WHPI also convenes and facilitates monthly support groups for cancer survivors, diabetics, and clients who suffer arthritis, heart disease, and sexual abuse. The staff of The Way of the Heart has, on average, six years experience working directly with the community as promotoras.

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Collaborators of The Way of the Heart include all sectors of the community including:

and other media outlets, school districts throughout the County, charter schools, and various churches representing nearly all denominations. Members of the staff are frequent guest speakers at local, state and federal conferences on culturally competent outreach strategies for minority populations.

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